marching bands of manhattan

February 15, 2009

it’s quite obvious what today is, although i’m trying to stay as away from cliches as possible.  too bad i made strawberry milk this morning, and used a red table cloth, and only ate red berries with my danish.  i can’t help it. i’m love struck. already…again.  yes, love just surrounds me and i want it more than anything and there is this boy and holy shit i get butterflies in my tummy when i think about him.  i am the cliche.  and it sucks so bad because all i’ve ever wanted is to be original.  i’m rambling.  i plan on getting really messy tonight.  fun.


this week and next week will be the weeks of bad decisions made.  i’ve already got a handle of skyy, an eighth, and a deprived body.


February 4, 2009

feels nice to be alive.  i’ve got lots of things to look forward to, and if i just keep telling myself this, i should stay sane.  hopefully.

yellow bird

February 2, 2009

everyday i’m feeling more and more unlike myself.

more on this thought later.

Holga Pictures

February 1, 2009