Lessons from Gizmo

June 14, 2010

*Note* You may take me for a lunatic after I write this post, but please trust my judgment on this one.

So, today I was outside walking my two dogs, and I began thinking of some of the small things my younger dog Gizmo does that I (or we all) could learn from.

1. Gizmo has always taken more pleasure in the smaller things in life.  The things that usually phase a dog such as another dog do not phase him at all.  He tries to find a friend in everyone and everything, including butterflies, squirrels, and birds.
2.  Gizmo only eats when he’s hungry.  We feed our dogs a quarter cup of food 3 times a day.  Gizmo usually never eats when we feed him, but eats on his own schedule.  I realize that most dogs do this, but my other dog Buddy is a complete glutton and would eat a whole bag of food if the opportunity arose.
3.  Gizmo means no harm.   He is loving and aims to please.  Strangers do not exist to this dog.  If Gizmo were a person, I’m convinced he would be the type to wave and smile at every person he came into contact with.  He seems to know exactly when you’re sad and will jump into your lap at that exact moment you feel like crying.

Now, this may seem like nothing to any of you, but I thought it would be something interesting to write about.  Anyways, today was my first day of summer school and it really was not bad at all.  I’m oddly excited to return tomorrow.  Good night.

Au Revoir.


I start summer school on Monday.  I have so much pressure on me to make an A in this class.  Hell, i have to make an A in the class.  I don’t feel like getting into specifics, but I can honestly say I really fucked up my freshman year in college.  I had all these huge dreams to do well and succeed and to go far and to be the best me that I can, but I messed up and now it’s hard to do that at the same great velocity I had originally intended.  I met with a counselor at my university and went over my study habits and the things I know I did wrong to get the grades that I did.  Apparently there’s this thought floating around in the air that I could be A.D.D.  I’ve thought about it before, but not seriously.  So, doing what I do best, I researched it.  Come to find out, I could relate to nearly all of the symptoms of adult A.D.D.  My mother has always been under the impression that A.D.D. is just a misdiagnosed, false problem to cover up the lack of will power people have.  So, who knows where this will lead to.
I’m not excited about this Monday and July 29th will not come fast enough.  I’m relying on anything and everything right now to get me through this time and to get me the damn A I need and deserve.

Au Revoir.


June 1, 2010

Today I started my first real day at “work.”  I put work in quotation marks simply because I’m not sure how many people consider babysitting working.  But, I definitely consider 11 hours watching a 5 year old to be work.  Other than that, nothing much of anything happened today.  Except today is kind of important because I signed a “contract” back in early April saying that I wouldn’t buy any clothes until June 1st.  So, low and behold today is June 1st and I bought me the super cute dress from Urban that I’ve had my eye on 🙂