so i get lazy

July 25, 2010


  • 1 day until summer school is over (and obviously I am not studying)
  • 20 days until I move into my new apartment
  • 29 days until school starts.

If my calculations are even at least semi-accurate, it seems as if I have spent half of my summer thus far with a 5 year old and probably only a quarter (or less) of the time with my actual friends and the same amount with strangers at the Community College where I am taking my class.  The fact that half of my summer has been spend with a 5 year old is mildly depressing, but I try to look at the bright side: $$$$
Honestly, I wish I had more to blog about.  I’ve been brainstorming ideas of things I’d like to blog about, but can’t seem to lace them together.  I love the idea of “Cupcakes and Cashmere.”  I only wish I was that creative.  Over and Out

Au Revoir.